Creating a job with SkillVault is easy:

Open a new job template

Identify the job level and role

Confirm the core elements of the job

Identify the job specific elements

Accept the document

...and you're done!

EPS NewRoles presents SkillsVault, a new way of dealing with employee Job Descriptions.

SkillsVault can:

  • Help employees understand their role
  • Identify risk elements in roles
  • Generate competency based interview questions
  • Create new workflows
  • Help Quality Assure work practices
  • Ensure learning programmes are fit for purpose

By giving supervisors and managers a clear overview of team roles, SkillsVault software ensures that team members have the skills and knowledge to undertake their specific jobs.

A flexible, efficient system

Through using SkillsVault to coordinate the various elements of rolex replica information and data that underpin a job, either standard or organisationally bespoke outputs can be generated.

These outputs include job descriptions, person specifications, competency based interview questions and job related performance frameworks.

Personal development planning templates are also available, enabling individuals to identify their learning and development needs.

Consistency in workforce management

SkillsVault software provides consistency in all aspects of breitling replica managing individual work tasks and larger workflows:

  • Identifying the risk elements in roles improves the quality of risk management.
  • New workflows can be easily designed, documented and implemented.
  • Work practices are quality assured.

Use of SkillsVault makes HR processes more efficient:

  • Job libraries are easily developed and maintained.
  • Grading decisions are more robust and grade drift is reduced.
  • Discussions about employees' performance or their learning and development needs are more focused.
  • Commissioning of learning programmes is more effective.

Accessing resources to support the development of teams is straightforward. Simply select a job and choose a key resource from a dropdown menu.

SkillsVault is designed by human resources experts for use by NHS Trusts, academic institutions, local authorities and other large-scale UK employers. For more information email or